>The Universal Anchoring System: 

Now featuring Chief's Uni-ClampTM Design, which requires just one bolt size instead of three as on previous systems.

Technicians need only one socket, and each stand has four bolts instead of six so there are less bolts to tighten.  The Uni-Clamp can be retrofitted onto existing universal anchoring stands to increase anchoring speed and productivity.

>Universal Adapters / Mercedes

Set of specifically designed chassis brackets, adapter plates and hitch pins for securing vehicles with jack tuves in rocker (still) panels.  Flats & spacers not shown.
>Universal Honda Adapter:

Set of four specially designed clamping adapters for anchoring vehicles with vertical jack tubes and horizontal pinch welds

BMW Clamping Adapters 

with side Jack Lifting Holes:  Set of four adapter used to secure vehicles with jack tubes & lift pad fixture holes in rocker (still) panels.  Round spacers and flats are shown in photo.
Chief  Air Jack: 

Easy to use, and safe.  A single air line can be used for both lifting and operating other pneumatic equipment.
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