All-in-one Kaeser rotary screw air compressors, or purchase separately click here for more>

*Energy-saving equipment

*Low pressure drop

*Strict manufacturing

*High-efficiency motors, engines & heat exchangers.

*Advanced airend and rotary lobe profiles 
Piston Air Compressors by CURTIS:

*Vertical or horizontal mount
*U.L. approved pressure switch
*OSHA approved belt guard - totally enclosed
*ASME approved safety relief valve
*ASE approved discharge air service valve
*Energy efficient - low power consumption
*Slow V - belt drive
*Automatic start-stop control
*Dial read-out pressure gauge indicator
High Temperature Refrigerator Dryer by Kaeser:

*Dryer, fiilter, & drain in one compact package
*Built to handle high inlet temperatures to 180*F
*No maintanence or adjustments
*Maintains precise chilled air temperature
*CSA cerfified, CFC free, & use environmentally
friendly R407c refrigerant.
High Inlet Temperature Refrigeration Dryers by Great Lakes Air

ALR Air Piping System - High Quality Aluminum  Piping system for Compressed Air:

*Labor saving

*Energy efficient

*Superior air quality

*High performance


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   Auto Body Collision Repair Equipment
Shop & Automotive Reels by Duro Manufacturig, Inc. - Air, Water, Oil, Nitrogen, and Grease

The Standard Duty 1400 & 1500 shop and automotive reels For service where orderly dispensing of water or compressed air is required

BlowGuns = Spray Painting = Pneumatic Tools - Tire Inflation = washdown = Food Processing...


Sealed and lubricated motor springs assure longer life.  Centrifugally aligned, with built in de-clutching device to protect against backlash, avoiding premature spring failure.

Independent rotating all bras swivel joins, each with four "0" ring seals.  Large orifice permits maximum flow.

Non-sparking positive locking and releasing ratchet, or tension free hose.  Heavy self-lubricated bronze thrust type bearing for added life. 

Cast aluminum hose guides with quiet friction free nylon rollers. Adjustable to assure proper alignment with hose.

Highest quality hose with standard female fittings for installation.  One piece adjustable hose ball top can be secured any place along the hose length.

Sturdy mounting base with slotted holes for easy installation.  Flexible inlet source line makes an easy look up.  Extra large safety axle.  Heavy steel reel disc's are beaded for extra rigidity.  All materials are protects against rust by heavy powder coat, cadmium plate, heat treated aluminum, bronze, brass or other conversion coatings.