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spray booth heater
California Pulse Electric Heater:

This Waterborne paint drying system with heat is primarily designed for non-heated spray booths. The system will raise the booth temperature by about 50F. The addition of heat shortens flash-off times significantly. Raising spray booth temperature during flash-off helps to minimize the negative effect of high humidity on drying times. The blower takes air from the spray booth cabin.  The heating element is installed in front of the blower. The system heats the air discharged from the blower and delivers it into the spray booth cabin through the waterborne paint drying system. The spray booth cabin air is filtered then pressurized by a single blower and directly onto the painted surface through 
4 corner towers. The cabin air is  recirculated, making it 
very efficient. And, the spray booth pressure is not 
affected by the operation of the waterborne 
paint drying system.  
Heater System Components:

Intake filter, all ducting, duct insulation, 2 HP blower, pulsing mechanism with pneumatic actuators, 2 Slim Towers for the intake end of the booth. 2 Original Towers with pneumatic doors for the  exhaust end of the booth. purge timer, control panel including al interlocks by NFPA 86 and VFD for the exhaust motor - supplied by dealer/installer.

Heater System Support Details

Intake Air / Intake Filter-Waterborne Paint Drying System:
Intake air is filtered through a paint arresting filter. Spray booth cabin air can be taken through one of the following methods: From the spray booth cabin nest to the ceiling filters I it is not a fully filtered ceiling.  Accessed through the gable in between lights.  Or, it can be  taken through the side of the spray booths. The intake filter can be located at the top of a wall panel.

Blower - Waterborne Paint Drying System:  Air from the cabin is ducted to the intake of a single blower.  The blower sits on top of the spray booth. The blower wheel is curved forward and driven by a 2 HP motor.  The blower is designed to deliver the correct combination of pressure and volume for this application.

Pulse Generation / Blast Gates - Waterborne Pant Drying System: The air coming out of the system is directed to the left side two towers or the right side two towers of the booth. The air goes to a pair fo two toers for 5 seconds then switched to the other pair of two twoers for 5 seconds. We use pneumatically operatid blsst gates to switch betwwen the right hand side two towers and the left hand side two towers.

Corner Towers - Waterborne Paint Drying System: The air is blown onto the painted object through nozzles from the corners of the  spray booth.  Blowing air from the corners of the both horizontally is the most efficient way to completely cover the car. The California Pulse waterborne paint drying system will create air movement and turbulence  in door handle indentations, under styling lines, under and to the side of bumpers, etc...systems that blow air vertcally inside the booth will not be able to reach these areas.

Nozzles - California Pulse system is designed with stationary nozzles-they only have to be adjusted once during installation.  To create superb turbulence, they have incorporated two patent technologies into the system: twist inserts and a pulse generator.  These nozzles save time and are much more cost efficient with increased productivity.

Pressure = Creating high pressure is very important to the proper operation of a waterbore pant drying system.  The pressure determines how far the air stream from the nozzles will be projected.  If there is no car inside the spray boothk it is imperative to be able to reach the middle of the  sprayboot with the air stream from he nozzles.  The reason I  The air stream isused to deliver he turbulence.

Turbulence:  Eliminating the boundary layer I the goal of waterborne pait drying systems.  Systems accomplish this by creating trubulence on the painted surface.  Starting and stoopping the airflow creates 300% - 400% more turbulence than just blowing air in a continuous stream.
Control Panel - Waterborne Paint Drying System: Through the selector switch the operator can select to run only the first set of towers, only the second set of two towers, or pulse the system by alternating between the first and second set of towers.  When pulsing, the first set of towers is on for 5 second then the waterborne paint drying system switches to the second set of towers for 5 seconds.