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   Auto Body Collision Repair Equipment
We provide auto body collision repair equipment with competitive pricing including the latest technology with water borne equipment built into our Blowtherm spray booths and prep stations.  We provide Global Finishing Spray booths with waterborn capabilities as well.  With our leading technology in the water borne paint and drying systems, we have found unique ways to keep up with the latest in order to  please or customers in enhancing productivity.  Our Paint Booths include top air speed system uniquely built specifically for water borne paint use .  The JetDry systems are our mobile waterborne dryers that will assist customers with their upgrades to existing booths.  Rely on us to assist your water borne drying updates and with creative ways to either update or provide you the most efficient ways to increase productivity for your autobody shop layouts and designs.  Whether you are building a new autobody warehouse, or have an existing auto body shop, we are here to meet your needs.  Rely On us for the best customer service available,!
Paint booth, Spray booth installation
Automotive paint booth filters
paint booth maintainence
spray booth fans
Paint Booth Walls
spray booth installation
High quality illumination provides intense and uniform lighting throughout the cabin
Internal panic
 bar on the front door and the side personal door.
​Direct Drive centrifugal fans
Paint-stop filter trays
for air evenness in the booth box.
Wall panels joined by H Channels. Detail of the rock wool insulation.
strong stainless steel hinges allow the doors to open to the optimum position.
Ceiling filter replacement is easy with the new filter frame design.
Hinged light fixtures for ease of cleaning and maintanence
The new spray booth with extra ordinary qualities:
Blowtherm's Air Speed system increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems.  The main advantages of the system:  

* Shorter flash-off times between coats.
* Shorter curing Time
* Faster removal of volatile components 
  before the start of the reticulation process.

A demonstrated comparison of the Air Speed System in an on & off position:
Other Spray Booth specifications include:
spray booth frequency drive
spray booth frequency drive
automotive gas burner
paint booth gas burner
direct fire gas burner
Advantages of the Direct Fire Gas Burner:
automotive heating system
automotive curing system
spray booth air speed
  The New Blowpower System - broken down into  separate componants:
With the latest regulations which enforced the use of water base paints and the regulations relating to painting 
and drying booths, Blowtherm has introduced the most sufisticated and practical system that meets these regulations 
as well as all AQMD's new requirements.  The new Blowpower system optimizes the spray booth performance, increases energy savings while reducing atmospheric pollution.  Operational speed is substantially increased as well as is the quality of the finished work. The components to the all new Blowpower system can be adapted all together or one by one, according
to the specific needs of each the customer.  

>100 % efficient
>Energy Saving
>Shorter Operating Cycles
>Stable Temperature Control
>Burner Flue not Required
>Reduced Maintenance
Frequency Drive:
paint booth, frequency dirve
Advantages of the System:
>Enery Saving: lower fuel costs (up to 34%) 
  & lower power costs (up to 32%),
>Automatic Pressure Control within the spray booth. 
>Reduced Electrical Demand Peaks and no pressure
  jumps in the booth box.
>Burning flue not required
>Digital control panel with latest generation micro 
>Fast response to the set temperature
>Shorter operating Cycles
>Increased productivity
Using frequency drive motors in painting drying booths allows a reduction in the volume of air required during the painting phases where a lower volume of air will not compromise paintwork 
quality, curing performance, or operator safety.  

Heating Recuperator:
The highly efficient thermoventilation units, treating high volumes of air, can be equipped with heating recuperators, which recover the heat of the exhaust air (during the spraying and the drying 
phases) by reintroducing the recovered heat into the intake air supply.
Advantages of the System:
>Speed: Shorter drying cycle
>Easy to use
>Economy: as the cycle is shorter, the electrical and  
  fuel consumption per cycle is lower.
>Higher Profit from increased productivity
>Saving: the heat recuperator offers a considerable
   energy saving especially in the winter season.
Smart Cure:
Speed Cure provides a very quick curing system after which it is possible to work immediately on the vehicle.
Advantages of the System:
>Speed: shorter drying cycle
>Easy to use
>Economy: as the cycle is shorter, the electrical
  and fuel consumption per cycle is lower.
>Higher Profit from increased productivity.

To facilitate the use of the water base products, Blowtherm has developed a new system-AIR SPEED, which increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation 
Advantages of the System:
>Shorter flash-off times between coats
>Shorter curing time
>Faster removal of volatile components before
  the start of the reticulation process..

exhaust air
external air
intake air
oulet air
Blowtherm is the world's leading innovatitive manufacturer of spray booths, prep stations and mixing rooms for the past 58 years.  The spray booth engineering and designs always considers shop productivity, conservation of energy use, environmental protection,  longevity of the equipment, ease of use and safety for the end users

Some of the unique features of Blowtherm products include:

The Air Speed waterborne system incorporated  in the plenum of the booth cabin.  The system consumes no additional energy and required no maintenance unlike ceiling fans and air blowers.  The air Speed system has been proven to speed the flashing of waterborne and solvent based paints quicker and cleaner than any other system on the market today.   

The Air Speed system increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems.

Blowtherms engineers have developed a Heat Recuperation system that can save between 30 and 60% of fuel and energy costs.  The system is affordable and easy to install. The use of the R.O.I. calculator will clearly show how the system can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Blowtherms Direct Fire Gas Burner is designed for maximum fuel efficiency (100%).  The burner is designed to be cleaner burning which results in a low level of NOX emissions into the atmosphere.  Burner fuel is not required, and there is less maintenance.

​Using Frequency Drive motors in painting drying booths allows a reduction in the volume of air required during the painting phases where a lower volume of air will not compromise paintwork, curing performance, or operator safety.
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