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Eurotech Distributers, Inc. has over 25 years of experience working with various types of businesses in need of commercial paint booths.  We understand that quality Spray booths can be expensive. Eurotech Distributors help customers cut costs, as well as provide customized spray booths to meet customers needs and specifications.  You can rely on us to make your customized spray booth investment affordable and profitable with increased productivity.  With our energy-efficient, high technology spray booths, you will see R.O.I. much sooner.  This is why we stay in business with high volume of repeat customers.    

Our team of expert designers and our highly trained installers work with our customers to ensure precise measurements, to see that your ventilation requirements and paint application system requirements  are met based on individual regulations. All Standard, Customized booths meet city requirements, code requirements, etc...

We design your booth specifically for your business requirements and around the way you work, you will find yourself spending less time and money on unnecessary features and less maintenance costs during its life span. By optimizing your spray booth specifically for you company, you will be cutting costs by excluding any option that functions outside of your companies budget.  Again, this is how we help you cut costs and at the same time, meet your companies standards and specifications.  You can Rely On Us to do this for you.
Here's an example of the type of industries we've worked with who meet the criteria of investing in our Standard Customized Paint Booths.  These industries include but are not limited to the following:  Auto Body Shops, Auto Body Repair and Maintenance, Truck repair and maintenance, Fleet vehicle and Transit facilities, Equipment  manufacturers, Woodworking manufacturers and finishers, Metal manufacturers, Aviation finishers, Aerospace finishers and re-finishers, Motorcycle maintenance and repair, Golf Club manufacturers,  and much more.  

Standard customized booths - Standard Features include the latest technology on the market today:

Full Down Draft

Semi-Down Draft

Side Down Draft

Front Air Flow

Reverse Air Flow

Open Face 

Heated / Cooled Air Make-up

Drive Thru Doors

Inside Vehicle Lifts
Eurotech Distributors, Inc. provides a complete line of quality spray booths for every industry:

CODE COMPLIANCE =  A crucial part of the purchasing and installation process of a spray booth is ensuring that your installation meets all of the safety and legal requirements that apply to your city, state 
and country.  Eurotech Distributors makes sure that our products meet all the
applicable codes related to the equipment.