We have been in the Automotive Industry for over 25 years. We began with the hopes of being the best at what we do.  
We have achieved our goal, and we continue to be the best by developing long term relationships with major manufacturers as well as customer relationships and customer satisfaction.  Our reputation in the industry for Reliability, Turn-Key-Installation  and our loyal customer relationships is what keeps our schedule full of repeat customers in addition to our rapidly growing Company.  

We make it our business to provide customers the latest technology with innovative new concepts and technologies designed to increase profits, lower operating costs and reduce the environmental impact of the automotive repair and refinishing processes.  

We strive to deliver the latest technology by the leading Automotive Collision Repair Manufacturers in the world.  Because of these reasons, Eurotech Distributors, Inc has remained one of the top leading distributors nation wide.  Our promise to our customers is that we will continue to deliver our services and expertise based on these *unique principles.  

Eurotech Distributors, Inc is unique in that we provide additional services, unlike any other company has proven to do: 

* We make it easy for you by obtaining your    permits.

* We use our own factory trained installation  crew.  

* We see our jobs through from start to finish.  Turn-key-installation is our goal for each  customer.

* We specialize in Body Shop Layouts &    Designs, including CAD drawings to meet  specific needs for best productivity.

*We are factory certified to install  Low NOx Burners to meet AQMD requirements.

From Start To Finish.  Turn Key Installation Is Our Goal!

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Blowtherm is the world's leading innovatitive manufacturer of Global finishing Spray booths, prep stations and mixing rooms for the past 58 years.  The spray booth engineering and designs always considers shop productivity, conservation of energy use, environmental protection,  longevity of the equipment, ease of use and safety for the end users

Some of the unique features of Blowtherm products include:

The Air Speed waterborne system incorporated  in the plenum of the booth cabin.  The system consumes no additional energy and required no maintenance unlike ceiling fans and air blowers.  The Air Speed system has been proven to speed the flashing of waterborne and solvent based paints quicker and cleaner than any other system on the market today.   

The Air Speed system increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems.

Blowtherms engineers have developed a Heat Recuperation system that can save between 30 and 60% of fuel and energy costs.  The system is affordable and easy to install. The use of the R.O.I. calculator will clearly show how the system can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Blowtherms Direct Fire Gas Burner is designed for maximum fuel efficiency (100%).  The burner is designed to be cleaner burning which results in a low level of NOX emissions into the atmosphere.  Burner fuel is not required, and there is less maintenance.

​Using Frequency Drive motors in painting drying booths allows a reduction in the volume of air required during the painting phases where a lower volume of air will not compromise paintwork, curing performance, or operator safety.
Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. The quality of our products ensures customer satisfaction.  Blowtherm quality equipment comes from over fifty years of innovating and leading the industry with the latest technology on the market today. 

A crucial part of the purchasing and installation process of a spray booth is ensuing that your installation meets all of the safety and legal requirements that apply to your city, state and country. Eurotech Distributors, Inc.  makes sure that our products all meet the applicable codes 
related to the equipment.  

Our installation crew 
will make sure that all of the
electrical wiring and conduit, piping, gas supply, roof penetrations and automatic fire protection systems, as well as the location of the equipment within the building, conform to the cited codes.