CHIEF'S Impulse - E/VHT :

>Self-leveling deck with six variable heights from 19"- 40".
>Simultaneous multiple pulling capability to precisely          reverse damage for faster, higher quality repairs.
>True 360-degree pulling with abiltiy to gang towers, even    at the corners!
>Electric-over-hydraulic for smoother, quieter operations      while generating 10 tons ofpulling power and 10,000 lbs.    of lift capacity.
>Sure-Lock mechanism pins and secures towers with         one easy movement for added speed, accuracy and          safety.
>All height and pull functions controlled from single hand-    held pendant. 

All Frame Machines can be purchased with additional towers to customize your individual needs. 
Quality Frame Machines, both new and used with competitive pricing
CHIEF'S Titan - 360 :

>All Titan-360 towers offer 10-tons of pulling power at the     hook.
>True 360-degree pulling capability.
>Ability to gang towers anywhere around the deck.
>Sure-Lock clamping system acts like a pair of locking       pliers, securing towers with one easy movement.
>Innovative Chief lift mechanism can lift over 12,000 lbs.
>Electric-over-hydraulic system for smoother, faster            operations.
>Low pressure system for more power, safer operation        and tighter control. 

CHIEF'S Goliath :

>Can accommodate large vehicles at 22' L, and 92" W.
>10-ton towers with the Sure-Lock clamping system, and      rugged 1/2" tower chains proof tested to 14-tons.
>360 degree pulling anywhere around the deck perimeter.
>Can easily lift 12,000 lbs., and has six variable heights        that provide easy and eronomically beneficial access.
>Just one button controls the lift system and all up and         down deck movement.
>Lower bearings raise when tower is locked and bear no        weight during pulls to avoid damage.  And, bearings are       lubrication free and easily cleaned with compressed air. 
>Individually mounted pressure gauges and shut-off valves      keep clutter to a minimum, and all hydraulic hoses have a    20,000 lbs. burst point with a 4-to-1 safety factor.

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