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BT 1200 Air Heater by Global Finishing Systems:

10 hp direct-drive intake motor, 3 phase motor

Temperature rise up to 100% F - standard heater

Forced dry or recirculating heaters are available

ETL-listed (when ordered with controls).

G-90 galvanized enclosure

Ready for indoor / outdoor use(optional outdoor kit)

Equipped with an enclosed stand for vertical configuration
air intake from any side.

Horizontal units are equipped with an optional intake hood and filter

Interior lined for rigidity and future high-temp applications

Natural or propane fuel burner.

5 hp belt-drive exhaust motor

34" tube-axial exhaust fan

12,600 CFM

1.2 MBTU direct-fire-Auto pressure control

Recirculating standard on downdraft models
Global Finishing Systems Heater
BANANZA B-Series Direct Fired Heating System,  With ventilation and Make-up Air Systems:

Saves time and money - no heat exchangers, flues or reflectors to clean and maintain. Heater built with high quality, UL or CSA listed components. Heating systems deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building resulting in energy savings.

Improved indoor air quality-Helps dilute airborne contaminants making exhaust systems more efficiently.

Augment existing ventilation system-unit can be designed to automatically modulate outdoor air volume from 20% to 100% to help meet ventilation requirements in cold weather and decrease heat buildup in warm weather.

More consistent temperatures and less stratification - optional cooling effectively reduces indoor air temperatures to help keep people and processes productive.

Versatile Design meets shop space demands-Heaters can be mounted indoors or outdoors, and can be used with down draft, semi-down drat and cross draf spray booths.  Makeup air also available for prep deck and stations. Heating systems require little to no ductwork. 

Energy-efficiency helps reduce costs. Spray Cure heaters are 100% thermally efficient, which means that all of the heat generated by combustion is released into the spray booth, minimizing heat loss.

Previous Installations:
Features Of Energy Efficient Gas Direct Fired Make Up Air Heaters - Bananza B Series:

- Enclosed cabinet of heavy duty, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel

- Direct-spark igniton for reliability

- Pre-piped and pre-wired for quick and easy single-connection installation

- Two-step thermally-cured primer and enamel finish coat

- Recirculation package

- All models ETL certified in United States

- Recirculation box in vertical unit for sue of return air

- For downdraft paint booth applications

- Easy setup and smooth integration

- Reduced use of outside air during cure mode allows for:

          *Reduced cure time

          *Gas savings

          *Higher product throughout

Control Features

- Digital temperature display

- Integrated controls for booth exhaust

- Automated controls

Gas Heaters-Bananza B-Series with Spray-Cure Technology

The B-Series direct-fired, make-up air systems with Spray-Cure technology is designed with innovative techniques, making them the best on the market today for the finishing market.  100% thermal efficient, Bananza Gas Heaters introduce a controlled amount of fresh, tempered air to help keep dirt and debris out of the finishing area.  This can result in reduced cycle times, improved productivity, operation and finishing quality.  With heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel construction, the B series remain durable and long lasting.  In addiont, large access panels help provide easy maintenance of the bowe, motor, drives and burners.  With an array of configurations, we are able to meet individual body shop space demands. The B-series Heaters can be mounted indoors or outdoors (roof or wall) and can be used with down draft, semi-down draft and cross spray booths. 

Bananza B-Series Gas Heater
Global Finishing GT 1200 Air Heater
gas heater
Spray booth heater
Rooftop B-Series
BAMS Deluxe Digital Remote:
Controls on/off switches 
and indicator lights for
fan, burner and booth
lights, spray-Cure 
mode selector 
switch and 
indicator light, 
digital display 
plus more
Global Finishing System Heaters:  

Like Bananza Heaters, Global Finishing Solutiions Select Air Heaters are designed for vertical or horizontal placement.  All heated booths include single or dual VFDs for better performance and energy savings.