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The ELEKTRON MI-100Control Spot Welder, and  the ELEKTRON Spot Welder MI-100 have the most OEM approvals on the market today. The large number of OEM approvals shows our customers the quality and valued performance of this system.  More benefits include Easy Handling, Perfect Spot Welding Results, Greater Flexibility, Too Recognition and Smart Welder Technology.
The following manufacturers have approved the MULTISPOT  Spot Welder MI-100control and MI-100.  There are more approvals but here are some: 

The most OEM approvals in the industry

High quality inverter technology assures perfect spot welding results.

Light Weight Pliers-Standard X Plier with other pliers optional.

Quick Change of spot welding pliers or spot welding guns by means of central connector.

Current / Welding parameters are adjusted automatically.

Impedance measured and welder parameters automatically adjusted up to1000 times per second.

Welding quality tested and approved by car manufacturers.

Car manufacturer welding programs are selectable

CSA approval for USA, Canada and Mexico
Multispot MI-100control 
Multispot MI-100control is the number one spot welder for the professional body shop.  

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY- Measuring the impedance ensure process reliability during the spot welding operation.  Designed for al car body repairs with high strength steels (e.g. Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP and XIP)

PROCESS OPTIMIZATION - Recognition and compensation of foreign substance i.e. primer, glue and antirust lacquer.

QUALITY PROOF - Log important welding and order data instantly and create you own welding programs that can be programmed and stored. And, updates for new vehicle information can be accessed at any time via Compact Flash Card.
Multispot MI-100 
Multispot MI-100 Spot Welder includes the same features as the MI-100control with the same OEM approvals.  They both produce the same quality.  The MI-100control comes with additional Smart Welder Technology.  Please contact us for more detail
System Multispot offers a connection for all tools
The Industries Leading Spot Welder:  The System MULTISPOT MI-100control: